Renée (blacklotus124) wrote,

Atlantic States Open 2012

After my really really embarrassing performance at New England States in December, and the fact that my knee prevented me from squatting for 2-3 weeks prior to this meet, I was focusing on not doing something stupid. 6 for 6 was the goal. I thought that I would still medal, since there usually aren't many super heavies. there were 7 of us. I weighed in lighter than i ever have at a meet (77.84). Went conservatively in the snatch and planned to be equally conservative in the CJ, until i thought bumping my attempts could get me 3rd.

Sn: 35, 40, 45
CJ: 47, 53, 60x (failed the jerk of course)

Definitely didn't get 3rd. Wouldn't have even gotten third had i made 60...but I had to try.

Videos are on youtube: for 40 sn.
Tags: atlantic states, competition
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